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  1. Damir Pavla

    Damir Pavla Üye

    20 Ocak 2014
    Ödül Puanları:
    Design, implementation and monitoring of the Customer Service Standards LEVEL UP ™.

    Difficult conversations with customers by model 5 STEPS LADDER ™.

    Sales partner: expert and - advisory.

    Train-the-Trainers and Train-the-coaches

    Creating a Coaching Standards and its implementation in teams.

    Development Center aimed at both managers and specialist projects within the emergence of internal coaches or under the Talent Management.

    First Steps - a comprehensive program implementation staff, and in the spirit grywalizacji.

    Development and implementation of the Regular Assessment Systems.

    Business Coaching for Managers (use coaching tools in working with subordinates).

    Managing the process of change based on the model of Bridges.

    Management based on the concept of strengths / potential self-management and employees connected with the analysis of test TALENTREFLECT ™.

    Analysis of the quality of teams in the company on the basis of a tool TEAM PLUS ™ If you are determined (or just planning) project changes in the organization, we invite you to cooperation!

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