lotter jerseys South Africa World Cup draws to a

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    South Africa World Cup draws to a close, the players in the game was in full swing, the jersey with player shadow equally compelling. World Cup jersey tight lotter jerseys, retro into the trend of sports brand in the field "contest" is also very intense.Such as Brazil, Argentina jersey retroTournament Brazil jersey is still followed the traditional yellow and blue with green collar and other parts of the design was similar to the 1970 World Cup in Mexico, Brazil jersey. Brazil was dressed in the uniform final climb to the top of this body and also won the Triple Crown.Similarly, Argentina classic "blue sky" uniforms similar to the 1986 World Cup uniform, the current Argentina coach Maradona in the team had to win that tournament. The current game uniforms, not only as a whole is more classical and personal, to imitate when the material, the designers also deliberately use a special mesh fabric, team logo also returned to the style at that time.Already been eliminated from the French team jersey from the 1998 World Cup, the same grief to stop the group stage of the Italian team's jersey design inspiration from the 1930 team won the World Cup, but the jersey is the ultimate no allow them to go further on the World Cup in South jerseys

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