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    510 GramsMixed BerryServing Size17GramsServings Per Container30
    Amount Per Serving% Daily Value
    Creatine Monohydrate5000mg**Glutamine5000mg**Beta Alanine1800mg**L-Taurine1500mg**Ribose500mg**L-Tyrosine150mg**

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Ultra-Saturated Formula Consisting of Mega Doses of L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, Beta-Alanine, L-Taurine, Ribose and L-Tyrosine.
    Build XS has been designed by the formulators of Higher Power to be your ultimate Pre-Workout Intensifier that starts working from the very first time it's used.*
    Advanced Lean Mass Potentiator
    Build XS is the perfect Lean Mass Acquisition System as it helps muscles and cells burst, stretch and expand into weight pumping machines.* The combination of ingredients, particularly Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, L-Taurine and Ribose work synergistically to hydrate and swell muscle cells which may help them appear larger and more round.* The high concentrations of Taurine and L-Tyrosine make it possible to attack a workout while being totally focused and "dialed" in.* No Stimulant Jitters!
    Beta-Alanine, a known Carnosine precursor, supports a rise in intramuscular concentrations of Carnosine which may promote dramatic delays in muscle fatigue.* Intra-muscular concentrations of Carnosine can rise by a significant amount with a remarkable impact on exercise endurance and strength.* Sustained use of Build XS may may promote increased performance thresholds.* Additionally, training capacity may continue to improve over a 12 week period before an "OFF" period is needed.*
    ATP Synthesis & Ribose
    Ribose is essential for the formation of Adenosine Tri-Phosphate (ATP) and its presence in Build XS together with Creatine Monohydrate may considerably potentiate the rate of ATP reformation from ADP allowing monstrous weights to be lifted for more repetitions.*
    A Muscle Sparing Effect*
    High concentrations of L-Glutamine especially when consumed prior to and during training may delay certain events responsible for excessive micro-trauma resulting in muscle degradation.* In addition to contributing to increased cell volume, L-Glutamine offers a muscle sparing effect and may promote the rate of recovery.*
    What to Expect From Build XS

    • Starts Working Fast*
    • Extreme Focus Support Especially at 1½ Servings*
    • Improved Endurance & Short Burst Power Support*
    • Promote Improved ATP Levels*
    • Support Fuller & Rounder Muscles*
    • Increased Size & Strength Support
    • Minimized Microtrauma to Stressed Muscles*
    • Support Accelerated Recovery*
    Consumption Strategy
    Build XS can be used as a stimulant free pre-workout intensifier or as a super saturated, intra-workout microtrauma regulator.* Just add it to water and drink it all on your way to the gym and by the time you arrive you will feel like you are ready to eat iron or at home mix 1½ serving and drink the extra half serving on your way to the gym. Once at the gym sip the rest in between sets throughout your workout.

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    beta alanine

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    Support Increases in Intracellular Carnosine Concentrations Resulting in Improved Muscular Endurance*
    In recent years Beta-Alanine has generated a tremendous amount of interest from bodybuilders, athletes and the fitness community. Beta-Alanine (BA) is best known for its role in the reformation of intramuscular Carnosine and its ability to provide support against the onset of fatigue.* As more athletes and bodybuilders report the amazing results achieved with Beta-Alanine supplementation, countless sports supplement companies are adding Beta-Alanine to every formula they can think of and a feeding frenzy among supplement users looking for the best version of Beta-Alanine has ensued.
    Higher Power is proud to offer the First Flavored Form of Pure Beta-Alanine that can be used as a stand-alone by adding to as little as 3 to 4 ounces of water! It can be used as a quick energy shot prior to training or added to your favorite NON-BETA-ALANINE CONTAINING supplement.*
    Beta-Alanine is not a supplement for the guy that goes to the gym committed to a low intensity limited output training session. This guy won't come close to tapping into the power of Beta-Alanine. On the other hand those that hit the weights with a bad attitude or those that stroll into a spinning class ready to do some damage, those are the ones that will love Beta-Alanine.*
    Most of us can relate to the burning sensation in muscles. If you push hard enough you will find (especially with higher repetitions and volume training) that muscles will heat up in a hurry. With increased and sustained intensity, H+ (hydrogen) ions are released within muscle and pH levels begin to drop significantly causing an acidic environment in muscle. The burning sensation becomes too uncomfortable to continue performing repetitions and the set ends. The cessation of the set limits the recruitment of new fibers and as a result compromises the quality of the training session.
    Beta-Alanine, together with the amino acid L-Histidine, is involved in the synthesis of Carnosine within muscle--which may result in a buffering effect.* The end result: added support to push much further before that burning sensation stops repetitions!*
    Most people stop their set at a comfortable 8 repetitions and or don't use enough weight to push to failure. Although these individuals will benefit from Beta-Alanine they won't feel it's true power. So, if you are ready to lay it all out in the gym or aerobic class Beta-Alanine may just be a must have supplement.*
    There are a number of products to be stacked with Beta-Alanine, such as L-Histidine and Creatinol-O-Phosphate. Creatinol-O-Phosphate is becoming increasingly popular, but if you can only add one other product to your Beta-Alanine stack you want to make sure it's your favorite form of Creatine. Bodybuilders are reporting an awesome synergy among the two.*

    Another exciting feature of Beta-Alanine supplementation is that the longer you stay on it the better it gets.* Research suggests that it takes 10 to 12 weeks of continued supplementation for Beta-Alanine to reach maximum efficiency and output.* That means every week your training capacity may continue to increase along with your gains.* Exciting stuff!
    [​IMG]First time users may experience Beta-Alanine induced nerve stimulation and tingling commonly known as paresthesia. This is not harmful. It is safe and, although uncomfortable to some users, will stop with continued use. Establish tolerance before increasing dose.

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