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    MuscleTech Presents:
    Anabolic Halo
    Chilling Gains!
    This works well with:
    >Complete Whey
    >CFM Whey Isolate
    >Prostar Whey

    Cryo-Anabolic Post-Workout Growth-Inducing Event!

    [​IMG]New Product
    Of The Year

    [ More Info ]

    The ANABOLIC HALO™ Cometh! It forces its way into you... Through you... Around you. Its subzero shock takes over. It engages an anabolic phenomenon from within... Leaving your muscles with no choice but to grow. What is this thing you're feeling... This chilling sensation? The cryogenic technology processes key ingredients into enhanced matter states. The anabolic charge invades and engulfs your muscles. It crushes catabolism and commands your muscles to grow. It's the most critical formula in your musclebuilding arsenal. It's the anabolic halo!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
    In just seconds, an intense, glacial-like chill overwhelms the back of your throat. The subzero, arctic outbreak has begun! In virtually no time, it feels like your entire physiological profile is “freezing” as the mega-dose of more than 75 cutting-edge and musclebuilding ingredients in the ANABOLIC HALO™ formula courses through your veins. The cryo-anabolic post-workout growth-inducing event invades your muscles and engages an anabolic uprising within them … leaving them with no choice but to grow!
    With your first dose, the most hardcore anabolic supplement on the planet sends a powerful rush of musclebuilding ingredients coursing through your veins! ​
    [​IMG]What is this thing you’re feeling? It’s the power of -320 degrees Fahrenheit. Three pharmaceutically inspired, cryogenic technologies never before seen within the realm of bodybuilding supplementation synchronize the muscle manipulating powers of ANABOLIC HALO. Featuring three SUB-ZERO™ Technologies - Cryogenic Thermomolecular Technology, Lyophilization and Anabolic Crystallographic Technology - ANABOLIC HALO unleashes the exclusive power of cryo-anabolic molecules.
    The first, Cryogenic Thermomolecular Technology, uses mechanically measured blasts of impossibly low-temperature liquid nitrogen, as cold as -320 degrees Fahrenheit, to thermomolecularly enhance a precise portion of one of the most anabolic compounds on the planet.
    The second pharmaceutically inspired technology, called Lyophilization, actually changes the physical state of a proprietary dose of an anti-catabolic complex in ANABOLIC HALO. Lyophilization exploits the micro-molecular process of sublimation which is so advanced, it actually forces molecules within a structure to skip matter states and go directly from a solid to a gas.
    The third, cryogenic process, called Anabolic Crystallographic Technology, discharges a 180-minute treatment of liquid nitrogen at -150 degrees Fahrenheit on a critical anabolic compound. The resulting molecular structure is unlike anything ever witnessed in bodybuilding!

    The mega-dose of muscle-morphing compounds in ANABOLIC HALO switches on your anabolic machinery, forcing your muscles to explode with size!​
    How Cryogenic Thermomolecular Technology Works

    Make no mistake, ANABOLIC HALO™ is designed to throw muscles into the most hardcore, anabolic state they’ve ever been in. The ultra-potent blend sets off a sequence of six growth-inducing elements guaranteed to make your muscles balloon to monstrous proportions … like you’ve never seen before! And the formula is relentless, continuing to work until a larger, more muscular being stares back at you in the mirror!
    [​IMG][​IMG][SIZE=-1]Download the Darrem Charles ANABOLIC HALO Special 6-Page Ad.

    [SIZE=-1]Download the Jay Cutler ANABOLIC HALO Special 4-Page Ad.[/SIZE]

    It’s simple, you won’t build any muscle unless you’re anabolic, and ANABOLIC HALO™ catapults you into a powerful anabolic state that truly has to be experienced to be believed. The mega-dose of muscle-manipulating compounds tackles six critical growth-inducing elements guaranteed to deliver rapid and dramatic muscle growth like no other supplement can!
    Team MuscleTech researchers actually found a way to drive anabolically active testosterone directly into your muscle at the cellular level!​
    The 6 Critical Growth-Inducing Elements

    Your Freakiest Gains Ever Begin Right Now!

    With your first dose, the hyper-potent ANABOLIC HALO™ formula is quickly driven into your muscle cells to force a supremely powerful anabolic state! You may not be ready for the continuous musclebuilding overload … for the unrelenting growth phase that leaves you with so much thick, dense muscle your vascularity presses through your skin, demanding to be seen. You may be shocked to watch your muscles expand like never before … but it’s too late. Get on, get anabolic, and get ridiculously huge - now!
    A critical anabolic agent in ANABOLIC HALO can amplify muscle satellite cell concentration by over 100% in just 28 days!​
    [​IMG] What is ANABOLIC HALO?
    ANABOLIC HALO™ is the world’s only cryo-anabolic post-workout growth-inducing event. With your very first serving, you pull the trigger on your freakiest, most dramatic gains ever. The multi-platform cycle tackles six critical musclebuilding elements you need to get ridiculously huge. Formulated with cryogenically processed anabolic compounds you’ll never find anywhere else, ANABOLIC HALO simultaneously catapults your muscles into a powerful anabolic state and works to freeze catabolism, forcing overwhelming muscle growth the likes of which no bodybuilder has ever experienced!
    [​IMG] What’s in ANABOLIC HALO?
    Team MuscleTech™ researchers and scientists loaded ANABOLIC HALO with more than 75 scientifically researched and musclebuilding ingredients, including cryo-anabolic molecules, that force your muscles into a powerful anabolic state. The intensely potent dose of muscle manipulating ingredients synergistically tackles six critical musclebuilding elements required for chilling muscle gains.
    [​IMG] What are the 6 critical musclebuilding elements, and how will they get me huge?
    [​IMG]The six critical musclebuilding elements are greater free-testosterone utilization, the Anabolic Transcription Factor (ATF-4) modulation, insulin manipulation, inhibition of catabolic machinery, satellite cell activation and increased muscle fiber area. To find out how ANABOLIC HALO commands all six musclebuilding elements to make you bigger than ever, check out the fully detailed 3D illustration.
    [​IMG] What are the cryogenic technologies found in ANABOLIC HALO?
    There are three pharmaceutically inspired SUB-ZERO™ technologies in ANABOLIC HALO. The first, Cryogenic Thermomolecular Technology, utilizes liquid nitrogen as cold as -320 degrees Fahrenheit to thermomolecularly enhance a precise portion of a key musclebuilding compound. A second technology, called Lyophilization, actually alters the physical structure of a molecule within a core ingredient in ANABOLIC HALO. A third SUB-ZERO technology called Anabolic Crystallographic Technology exposes a critical anabolic driver to a 180-minute treatment of liquid nitrogen at -150 degrees Fahrenheit to create a molecular structure unlike anything ever witnessed in the bodybuilding world. For more information on how Team MuscleTech researchers used these three breakthrough particle processing techniques to molecularly alter some of the most potent anabolic compounds on the planet and create ANABOLIC HALO.
    [​IMG] What is Cryogenic Thermomolecular Technology?
    Cryogenic Thermomolecular Technology is the newest, and by far most advanced breakthrough in bodybuilding supplementation. Cryogenic Thermomolecular Technology hyper-pressurizes a precise portion of a key anabolic driver found in ANABOLIC HALO in a cryogenic chamber, and then blasts it with liquid nitrogen at impossibly low temperatures as cold as -320 degrees Fahrenheit (as cold as the atmosphere on the planet Neptune.) The resulting, thermomoleculary enhanced and cryogenically altered compound is unlike anything ever witnessed in bodybuilding supplementation. To see a detailed animation of Cryogenic Thermomolecular Technology, click here.
    [​IMG] Are there any studies behind ANABOLIC HALO?
    Multiple human clinical studies show just how effective key ingredients in ANABOLIC HALO are at forcing your muscles into an overwhelmingly anabolic state.
    First, Team MuscleTech scientists utilized research from the University of Connecticut and discovered a way to drive anabolically active free testosterone into muscle cells with no negative feedback. In a 21-day human clinical study that was published in a prestigious journal, a powerful musclebuilding compound in ANABOLIC HALO dramatically increased the number of pre-workout androgen receptors compared to a placebo1.
    In another study, researchers observed a powerful anabolic agent in ANABOLIC HALO dramatically amplify the number of satellite cells per muscle fiber by over 100 percent in just 28 days!2 But it gets better! The same potent anabolic complex actually increased muscle fiber area by a staggering average of 16.8 percent in just 16 weeks!3
    In other research from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center and later published in a leading journal, scientists examined the modulation of the Anabolic Transcription Factor (ATF-4).4 ATF-4 was shown to be an insulin-mediated anabolic transcription factor that plays a central role in hormonal regulation of anabolism by coupling amino acid uptake and protein synthesis.
    1 Kraemer, W., et al. (2006). Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise, 38(7):1288-1296.
    2 Olsen, S., et al. (2006) Journal of Physiology, 573(2):525-534.
    3 Ibid.
    4 Adams, C. (2007). The Journal of Biological Chemistry, 282(23):16744-16753.

    [​IMG] How do I take ANABOLIC HALO?
    ANABOLIC HALO is an extremely powerful anabolic product. Once you’re ready to experience your most dramatic gains ever, start off by consuming 1 serving (1 heaping scoop) mixed in 4 oz. of cold water right after your workout. As you develop respect for and truly comprehend the power of the ANABOLIC HALO, up your dose to 3 servings (3 scoops) mixed in 12 oz. of cold water. On non-training days, consume 3 scoops in the morning. Do not exceed 3 scoops in a 24-hour period. Read the entire label before using and follow the directions provided.
    [​IMG]" I was the first bodybuilder in the world to try ANABOLIC HALO
    and I had never experienced anything like it. I could feel my muscles getting tighter and pumped. With ANABOLIC HALO I'm going to get bigger than ever!"

    - Jay Cutler, Mr. Olympia
    [​IMG]"This is an extremely potent musclebuilding supplement. I know
    I'll make the craziest gains in size and strength in the shortest amount
    of time."

    - Gustavo Badell, 2-Time IFBB Pro Champion
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